Cold snacks

Name Serving Price, UAH
Tuna carpaccio (tuna, parmesan cheese, pickled capers, rocket salad, lime sauce, balsamic vinegar, ginger, ciabatta croutons) 170/80 g 168.00
Tuna tartare (marinated tuna, parmesan cheese, balsamic vinegar, nisuaz sauce, ciabatta croutons) 160/80 g 147.00
A selection of cheese (parmesan cheese, brie cheese, gorgonzola cheese, gouda cheese, gouda cheese with red pesto, cheddar cheese, honey, pear, walnut) 310/50/50 g 350,00
A selection of homemade meat (baked pork, cold baked lard, chicken sausage with liver, homemade pork sausage, beef tongue, chiken liver pate, horse-radish, lettuce ) 420/30 g 228,00
Selection of vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, green pepper, green onion, lettuce, carrot) 310 g 129,00
A selection of lard (lard, homestyle lard, Hungarian lard) 150 g 93,00
Chicken liver pate (chicken liver pate, baguette, onion confiture) 280 g 78,00


Name Serving Price, UAH
Tuna salad (fried tuna with garlic and rosemary, cucumbers, paprika, lettuce, rocket salad, nisuaz sauce) 230 g 133,00
Greek salad (cucumbers, tomatos, sweet pepper, cheese feta, lettuce, olives, olive oil) 330 g 116,00
Salad caesar with chicken (croutons, chicken, cheese parmezan, tomatoes, anchovies, quail egg, lettuce, sauce caesar) 300 g 129,00
Salad with salmon (lettuce, rocket, salted salmon, cherry tomatoes, olives, philadelphia cheese, lime sauce) 240 g 161,00
Salad with veal (veal, lettuce, pepper cherry stuffed with feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, rocket, olive oil, ginger, soy sauce) 210 g 159,00
Salad with duck breast and pear (duck fillet, lettuce, rocket, feta cheese, pear, carrot, cucumber, mustard sauce, raspberry sauce) 250 g 168,00
Vegetable salad with savory sauce (greens, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, nuts cashews, celery, onions, garlic) 180 g 102,00


Name Serving Price, UAH
Chicken bouillon with noodles (broth, chicken, noodles) 350 g 57.00
Ukrainian borsch (traditional Ukrainian soup, served with rye bread and lard-garlic pate) 350 g 75.00
Spinach cream soup (vegetable broth from carrots, onions and celery root, potatoes, spinach, onions, butter, cream) 300 75.00
Mushroom cream-soup (mushrooms, milk, onions, truffle oil, cashew nut) 300 g 87.00
Gazpacho (cold soup with tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers, onios, rocket salad, basil, parmesan) 250 g 114.00
Okroshka with chicken (chicken fillet, potatoes, cucumbers, chicken eggs, mayonnaise, sour cream, mustard, carbonated water) 300 g 57.00


Name Serving Price, UAH
Pasta alla bolognese (tagliatelle, bolognese sauce, garlic, cherry tomatoes, parmesan cheese) 300 g



Name Serving Price, UAH
Cheese pizza (double mozzarella, parmesan, gorgonzola, cream sauce caesar)  600 g 152.00
Meat pizza (mozzarella, ham, salami) 600 g 132.00
Spicy pizza (mozzarella, salami, sausages, chilli, pickled jalapenos, spicy tabasco sauce) 700 g 174.00
Burger-pizza (minced meat (100% veal meat), cheddar cheese, pickled onion, pickled cucumbers, lettuce, ketchup, american mustard) 700 g 138.00
Hawaiian pizza (mozzarella,chicken, pineapple, sweet corn) 700 g 138.00
Margherita pizza (mozzarella, tomatoes, rocket, tomato sauce) 650 g 111.00
Double cheese 120 g 42.00


Name Serving Price, UAH
Tuna steak (fried tuna with garlic and rosemary, lemon) 250 g 246,00
Steak Striploin (New York) with sauce to choose (fillet  part of beef  with bright taste with sauce to choose) 280/50 g 240,00
Veal beef stroganoff ( veal, mushrooms, cream, parmezan, mashed potatoes, onions) 350 g 183,00
Pork steak with sweet and sour pepper ( pork steak, sweet pepper, onion) 210/150 g 213,00
Pork home made style ( pork, fried onions, home made style potatoes) 250/160/50 143,00
Grilled pork ribs (pork ribs roasted on charcoal, dressed with honey-tomato sauce) 350 g 179,00
Salmon with carrot mousse and fennel (salmon fillet with  spinach, fennel and carrot mousse) 200 g 339,00
Grilled mackerel (grilled mackerel with grilled sweet peppers, zucchini, aubergine, tomatoes) 220 g 120,00
Chicken fillet with tomato salsa (chicken fillet, asparagus beans, dried tomatoes, garlic, сherry tomatoes,  rocket, greens) 200 g 132,00
Chicken fillet a la cordon blue ( chicken fillet, ham, mozarella, parmesan, rocket, barbeque sause, mashed potatoes) 250/200/50 147,00
Duck fillet with caramelized pear (duck fillet, pear, ginger, raspberry sause) 270 g 264,00


Name Serving Price, UAH
Mashed potatoes 200 g 42.00
Grilled vegetables (sweet peppers, zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes) 230 g 93.00
Couscous with vegetables (couscous, squash, aubergine, cherry tomatoes, wallnut, sunflower oil, greens) 250 g 75.00
Potatoes country style  200 g 42.00
French fries 150 g 42.00


Name Serving Price, UAH
"Napoleon" cake 150 g 42,00
Creme brulee 150 g 51,00
Panna Cotta 200 g 78,00
Cake Saher 130 g 57,00
Cake Medovuk 130 g 42,00
Homemade ice-cream sundae/ chocolate-orange 100 g 42,00
A selection of fruits (orange, apple, grapes, kiwi, banana) 700 g 147,00




Non alcohol coctails

Name Serving, ml Price, UAH
Non-alcohol mojito (mint, lemon, sugar syrup, ice) 250 ml 57.00
Bumblebee ( orange juice, caramel syrup, espresso, ice) 300 ml 66,00
Sunrise ( orange juice, grenadine, ice) 270 ml 48,00





Soft drinks

Name Serving Price, UAH
Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite 0,5 liter  30.00
Mineral water "Morshinska" 0,5 liter  30.00
Juice in assortment 0.25 liter 30.00
Dried fruit drink 0.25 liter 30.00

Fresh juices

Name Serving Price, UAH
Orange fresh 0,2 liter  80,00 
Grapefruit fresh  0.2 liter  111,00


Name Serving Price, UAH
Rye bread 100 g 20,00
Ciabatta 100 g 20,00