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Wedding in the restaurant "Ukraina" 

The wedding is a very important solemn event in your life, everything should be thought through to the smallest detail, so your personal manager is working with you, who at any time will be able to answer all your questions and help.

To order a wedding hall, call: +38 (067) 443-11-44, +38 (050) 433-41-41

Banquet halls in Cherkasy


In our restaurant there are two banquet halls in Cherkasy for celebrations, each with a capacity of 60 people and a summer garden, where there are 2 gazebos with a capacity of 35 people and 30 people. 

Banquet venue has to be booked in advance. The best option is to book a banquet hall in Cherkasy 1 year - 6 months before the date of the event. Reservations are accepted even one week before the event, but most likely the date you need will be already occupied.

The arrangement of tables is discussed individually, taking into account your preferences. On the tables we use quality textile tablecloths and napkins of white and beige color, depending on your wishes. The use of textiles on tables is included in the cost of your service. We do not charge an additional fee for tablecloths and napkins.

Banquet hall Cherkasy
restaurant for wedding in Cherkasy

Wedding restaurant


We offer several options for servicing the wedding celebration.

Banquet is a dinner in honor of the couple. With this format of service, guests sit at tables, food and drinks are brought by waiters, service personnel picking up dirty dishes. Dishes can be served on a table on a joint plates or portions for each guest. In most modern banquets, it is customary to serve food on big plates. With such a cover, the guests have more freedom in choosing dishes. It is very difficult to guess the preferences of each guest.

Reception (buffet) is a type of meal serving, when guests eat standing, choose their own drinks and food, which is offered on tables, individual places and name cards are not provided. With this type of service cutlery may be absent or guests may use a fork.

The menu is made up specially for you. We take into account your gastronomic wishes, your tastes for drinks, as well as the budget of the event. Chef of the restaurant "Ukraina" gives recommendations on the number of portions per person based on many years of experience and standards. We do not set a minimum limit for your order. We worked on the menu of weddings with elite alcoholic beverages, which were ordered specially for event, with a vegetarian menu for a wedding, non-alcoholic menu wedding. All your wishes will be taken into account.

The price is individual for renting a restaurant. Practice shows that at the moment, the banquet menu with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, cold snacks, hot snacks, main dishes and side dishes will cost about 1500 UAH per person.

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wedding banquet hall in Cherkasy

To order restaurant for the wedding in Cherkasy


In order to book a date for you, we sign a contract with you. Under the contract, you deposit 5000 UAH, this amount goes in the future to pay for your menu. The given amount is irrevocable if you cancel the celebration of your wedding or change celebration to another date.


The "Wedding Garden" action operates in the "Ukraina" hotel. We prepared a surprise for the newlyweds – a yard for the wedding ceremony in our garden and a room from the hotel "Ukraina" as a GIFT! A 10% accommodation discount is also available for your guests!

To participate in the action you need to order a wedding banquet in the restaurant "Ukraina" for an amount not less than 45 000 and not less than 1500 UAH per person. To this sum 10% service charge of teh restaurant in included.

Wedding banquet hall in Cherkasy: additional services

Rent a yard for wedding

For couples who do not plan a big banquet and do not participate in the "Wedding Garden" Promotion, but simply want to hold a marriage ceremony in a beautiful picturesque place, renting our lawn will cost 1950 UAH. The rental includes the use of our garden, the cleaning of the territory after the celebration, the use of the hotel infrastructure. In addition to renting the territory, you haev to order a minimum cataring for a person 400 UAH. The menu is made up for you individually.

Individual wedding planning - Wedding in Cherkasy
the lawn wedding in Cherkasy

Candy bar

A small sweet dishes on table before the main banquet, especially if there are children among the guests, will be a decoration of your event. Restaurant "Ukraina" will be able to prepare many different delicacies: donuts, eclairs, mafins, cap cakes, cakes, candies, etc.

Relatives, friends, other companies can also prepare for you Candy bar, which will be placed on our territory, this service  will cost 1000 UAH (providing a place for your Candy bar).

Decoration of the hall

Restaurant "Ukraina" will be able to offer you to decorate the chairs in the banquet hall with covers.We have available olive-colored covers with white ribbons, as well as white cases with gold ribbons. The cost is 50 UAH for 1 chair. Decoration of the beams of the hall will cost – 1000 UAH.

A couple can use the services of their own decorators. Do not forget to inform your manager about it, as the restaurant must agree on all the technical nuances with decorators.

Show program, equipment

At your wedding banquet, you can invite musicians, singers, bands, dancers, etc. We can recommend you artists for every taste, taking into account your wishes. Also you can bring us to the restaurant of the artists yourself. Tell your manager, would you like to find the participants of the show of the program yourself or do you need our help. You will need to add to the budget of the show program 1000 UAH, which are charged by the restaurant for the use of its site by musicians, bands, if necessary, to connect to an electrician.

Restaurant "Ukraina" can provide a musical equipment to rest  for 1000 UAH.

Wedding cake, wedding bread

You can order a wedding cake and wedding bread in any confectionery, bakery, which you liked. We do not take payment for serving your cake and wedding bread. Be sure to warn us about the presence of the staple layers, if they are in the cake.

Your wedding will be a truly unforgettable event in the Wedding Garden of Ukraina Hotel, filled with the singing of forest birds and the fragrance of flowers, it will forever remain in your heart as a fabulous moment of your life!