Сhildren's Birthday party in Сherkasy

Children's birthday in Cherkasy.

Could there be anything better than children's laughter and joy on your child's face?

Hotel "Ukraina" is one of the leaders in Cherkasy for children's events!

Sports competitions on the summer terrace (in the warm season), theatrical performances with children, animators, children's disco, flower fireworks, giant dolls, photo shoot – and these are just some of what awaits you and your baby at the children's party from the hotel "Ukraina"! Now about everything and in order!

Our advantages
High quality service and friendly staff
Decorating tables and halls
A different menu for the restaurant, as a guide to you and your guests
2 holiness halls (up to 120 guests)
If necessary, we recommend leading and animators

Children's party halls in Cherkasy

Restaurant halls

The restaurant "Ukraina" has 2 restaurant halls for 60 people each and a summer playground: 2 gazebos, each for 35 people.

restaurants for children's birthday in Cherkasy
Сhildren's birthday party in Сherkasy

It is necessary to book a hall for children's birthdays in Cherkasy in advance, at least for a week. If the date is free, we will be able to service your child's birthday, even if you booked that date yesterday.

Book a banquet or reserve a table


Your personal manager works with you. We take into account all your wishes. The chef of the restaurant "Ukraina" when compiling the menu takes into account the age of children, your wishes, tastes, budget.

Decorating the restaurant hall for children's holiday

On the territory of our restaurant you can use your jewelry, balls, printing, etc. To do this, you need to agree with your manager when the decorators may have access to the hall, which work we are allowed to do, and which are not. Also, if you do not have decorators to decorate the holiday, and you need help in choosing the decorators of the hall, we will be happy to provide it.

Entertainment for children

In the warm season for children in the courtyard of the restaurant "Ukraina" in the picturesque area you can organize sports competitions and theater performances, games, photo shoots.

The restaurant of the hotel "Ukraina" – is an ideal place for a children's holiday, birthday!

We also offer birthday parties for adults.