Salads Serving Price, UAH

Salad with veal (veal, lettuce, pepper Cherry stuffed with Feta cheese, Cherry tomatoes,  rocket , olive oil, ginger, soy sauce)

210g 138-00
Greek salad
(cucumbers, tomatos, sweet pepper, cheese "Feta", lettuce, olives,  olive oil)
330g 87-00
Mozzarella with tomatoes
(mozzarella with tomatoes and greens, seasoned with pesto)
270g 129-00

Salad "Cezar" with chicken
(croutons,  chicken, cheese "Parmezan", tomatoes, anchovies, quail egg, lettuce, sauce "Caesar")

300g 98-00

Salad with  salmon (lettuce, rocket, salted salmon, cherry tomatoes, olives,  "Philadelphia" Cheese, lime sauce)

240g 138-00
Vegetable salad with spicy fillings (greens, lettuce, Cherry tomatoes, Radichio salad, nuts cashews, celery) 180g 75-00
Salad with duck breast and pear (duck fillet, lettuce, rocket, Feta cheese, pear, carrot, cucumber, mustard sauce, raspberry sauce) 250g 138-00

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