Our restaurant is not only a place where you can appease your hunger, but also to have a rest. Let us show you the halls of our restaurant, so that you can feel the spirit and atmosphere of each of them!

We will begin with those who like classical style; you will be pleasantly surprised with the refinement of one hall of our restaurant called "Gallery", where comfort reigns with a warm and kind atmosphere and delicacy. European cuisine, creative work of our cooks, our waiter's art of service will give you moments of true taste delight and enjoyment of high quality service. Also our wine card carries a good choice of items, so your stay here will be pleasant in a special way.

Romantic supper with the candles, tasty dinner or breakfast with the view over blooming garden in spring and summer, colours of yellow and red in autumn or prairie covered with soft, fluffy snow in winter in one of our halls of restaurant called " Winter garden", will leave in your soul kind and pleasant memories about high quality service and delicious food, harmony and tranquility we create for you!


Music of nature: birds singing, talks of wind with the trees and flowers – calms and inspires, gives happiness. Welcome to our "Summer garden", share your happiness with friends, colleagues and sweethearts! You will be joyfully met by our friendly staff. We will help to create a special holiday for you: birthday party, barbeque, event of your firm, wedding ceremony or just a pleasant evening to the accompaniment of our musicians.

   We work for you!

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