Dutch experience in (09 april 2012)
  Recently our restaurant invited an expert in restaurant business from the Netherlands. Mr. Ab de Vries is  a chef with a great experience. He gave us a lot of interesting ideas how to prepare and de
Saint Valentine's Day! (14 january 2012)
 Dinner with candle lights in Saint Valentine's Day! Restaurant "Gallery" invites all sweethearts for romantic dinner in candel lights on 14 February. Warm, cosy atmosphere of the restaurant will take you in the world of the most plesant thoughts and images. Candales, subdued lights,
New Year together! (16 november 2011)
"Ukraine" hotel and bowling club "Cosmos" invite you to celebrate New Year together!  Evening in format all inclusive. Conceptual party in retro style.  «Back in USSR, the best of 80’s». Waiters of bowling club will present You perfect service, bar
New dishes from our chef (14 november 2011)
Dear guests! We offer You new dishes of the restaurant from our chef. Beauty of served dishes and perfection of taste will not leave you indifferent!   Shank roll with mushroom sauce   Veal with apples under caramelized balsamic   Hot starter "Eggplant under shrimp"
Student's Day - Freebie! Come! (24 october 2011)
 17 November Student's Day -  Bowling club «Cosmos» represents an action "Freebie! Come!" Specialty of the evening - 50 % discount for all coctails + Disco Bowling! Party with us in network of bowling clubs "Cosmos"! Details: (0472) 37 29 01, (0472
Beer tournament (12 october 2011)
Come together with your friend and participate in the beer tournament!  To win you need to play tree games and to show best result. The winner takes box of Chernigivske beer and wonderful mood for the whole evening!              &
Baked pigling (06 october 2011)
In Ukrainian national cuisine the range of meat dishes are very wide and various. On the festal table dishes with big portions of meat, stafed dishes, home-made sausages and many others were very popular. Baked pigling will take an honourable place on your banquet and will remind your
Stuffed zander (06 october 2011)
Stuffed fish in our performance will definitely be the beautiful part of your festal table and you will enjoy it's taste!                            Bon appetit! &nbs
Wedding season in hotel (14 july 2011)
Wedding is the brightest and the most important event in Your life. On this day everything are to be perfect, fiance and fiancee should inspire everybody and infuse admiration!   Let us create unforgatible holiday for you!  We will organize  refined banquat&nb
Gathering of bikers in (11 june 2011)
In Cherkassy on 3 - 6 of June takes place annual international bikers festival "Taras hill". In the programme of biker's meeting: klatch, competitions, bands perfomances,  driving in a column to Kanev, laying flowers on Taras Sherchenko's grave and many other things.   &nbs

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