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Steak menu in the restaurant Ukraina and Pine Place

 A new place has appeared in Cherkasy for those who like to eat tasty food - Restaurant "Ukraina and restaurant "PinePlace"/ It is the restaurant and a summer terrace at the hotel "Ukraina" and the first bowling club in the city "Cosmos Bowling". Here is a real paradise for lovers of quality beef. The chef returned to his native Cherkassy after a long period of work in famous Kiev restaurants and now offers his specialties to Cherkasy.

Our special is seasoned steaks from local Ukrainian beef, which the chef prepares and soaks on his own. He is convinced that the quality of selected and aged Ukrainian beef can be no worse than premium foreign meat. At the same time, domestic steaks are absolutely affordable.
What is meat aging?
Aging is necessary for the meat to become soft and to enhance the natural taste. The ripening of meat can occur in several ways:  dry, moist, combined and chemical aging.
Dry ripening of meat is a complex process that requires special equipment. During dry ripening, the meat is placed in a special refrigerator in large chunks. A constant temperature is maintained there and air is supplied, gradually oxidizing the meat. In fact, this process is similar to the process of drying meat. The taste of such beef will have pronounced dried notes, but such steaks will be less juicy, because they lose moisture during aging. Another disadvantage is the high price, because for high-quality aging you need expensive equipment. In addition, meat requires careful care, because there is a risk that it will deteriorate. If you want to try dry-aged steaks, choose a restaurant where you will see in the hall a special transparent fridge, where there is meat that you are offered.
Chemical aging is the process of accelerating the ripening of meat. At best, with chemical aging, various marinades and spices are added to the meat, at the very least different chemical ingredients. This reduces the cost of the process, but destroys the taste of beef.
Wet aging allows meat to stay in a vacuum environment at a temperature of 0 to 1 degree for 14 or more days. Thus, a natural soft process of fermentation and maturation takes place, as a result, the beef turns tender and juicy. Meat ripens in its own juice and retains a vivid taste. This is a fairly safe process: meat is much less likely to be spoiled. This kind of meat aging offers "PinePlace". All steaks are aged for at least 14 days before serving.
Varieties of steaks in the menu of the restaurants "Ukraina" and "PinePlace"
Striploin, or New York. This is the so-called "fast" classic steak from a thin edge. Steak is made from cuts of the bytok part. It is oblong, more dense fibers and an appetizing fat layer on one side. Because of it, all the juices are stored in beef. This steak is NOT greasy, but has a very bright beef flavor.
Club steak. This is a piece of striploin on a short rib bone. The costal bone strengthens the beef flavor, adding subtle shades of taste. The steak itself is very tender and juicy.
Tomahawk. Steak on a large rib bone. Therefore, the bone resembles a handle, and meat - the blade of an Indian tomahawk. In fact, this is the so-called Ribeye - the fatty and most marble part of the carcass. This is the biggest steak, it weighs about 750 grams. Due to big size this steak is fermented and cooked longer, but the result is very juicy.
Round steak and Texas style steak. The menu also has two alternative types of steaks.
Round steak is an alternate femur tenderloin steak - neat round shape, without fat and bone. Beef for a round steak in "PinePlace" is first prepared using the currently popular technology sous vide, and only then quickly fry.
Sous vide is cooking in vacuum at a low temperature of 55-60 degrees for two or more hours. Low temperature does not damage the cells of the beef, the meat remains juicy, tender and soft. This is the most dietary type of steak, it tastes like a classic fillet-mignon.
Texas-style steak is actually a beef chop that is cooked in breading and deep-fried. This dish is similar to Vienna-style schnitzel, but Texas-style steak is much juicier and more spicy.
For high-quality steak is very important how to cook it. Chef in "Ukraina" and  "PinePlace" recommends roasting medium or medium rare. This type  ensures that the meat will be of high quality and safe, but it will not lose its bright taste and juiciness.
 Lovers of high-quality meat can appreciate the skill of the "PinePlace" chefs on weekdays at 13.00 to 00.00, on weekends from 11.00 to 00.00, and the "Ukraina" restaurant every day from 11:00 to 00:00.
The restaurant also prepares delicious American-style pizza and fresh bread.
Bon appetite!


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