Основные блюда



  Serving Price, UAH
Chicken fillet with tomato salsa  (chicken fillet, asparagus beans, dried tomatoes, garlic, Cherry tomatoes,  rocket, greens) 200g 98,00
Duck fillet with caramelized pear with raspberry sauce (duck fillet, caramelized pear, raspberry sauce) 270g 237,00
Grilled pork ribs (pork ribs roasted on charcoal, dressed with honey-tomato sauce) 350 g


Steak Striploin (New York) (fillet  part of beef  with bright taste with sauce to choose) 280/50g 210,00
Salmon with carrot mousse and fennel (salmon fillet with  spinach, fennel and carrot mousse) 200 g 228,00
Rack of lamb (rack of lamb, young potatoes, Cherry tomatoes, Barbecue sauce) 180/150/50 g 192,00
Paste a la Bolognese (tagliatelle, bolognese sauce, garlic, cherry tomatoes, Parmesan cheese) 300g 87-00

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