Main courses



Dish name Serving Price, UAH
Rabbit ragout (rabbit meat, potato, zucchini, sweet pepper, garlic, pelati tomatoes, greens) 270g 87-00
Rabbit's leg with mushrooms in creamy sauce (rabbit leg,  champignon mushrooms, wine, cream) 250g 138-00
Chicken in Provence style (chicken, mushrooms, onion blue, barbecue sauce) 300 g 120-00
Pork steak with sour - sweet pepper (juicy pork hens, with sweet pepper and  barbecue sauce  210/150/50g 156-00
Steak Striploin (New York) (fillet  part of beef  with bright taste with sauce to choose) 280/50g 210-00
Round Steak (steak of straight muscle of the thigh with seasonal salad) 180/150/100 g 156-00
Salmon with carrot mousse and fennel (salmon fillet with  spinach, fennel and carrot mousse) 200 g 228-00
Rack of lamb (rack of lamb, young potatoes, Cherry tomatoes, Barbecue sauce) 180/150/50 g 192-00
Chicken fillet with tomato salsa  (chicken fillet, asparagus beans, dried tomatoes, garlic, Cherry tomatoes,  rocket, greens) 200g 98-00
Duck fillet with caramelized pear with raspberry sauce (duck fillet, caramelized pear, raspberry sauce) 270g 219-00
Sea bream with apples ( sea bream fillet cooked with apple in wine, served with kiwi sauce) 1 228-00
Fried pike perch  with baked sweet pepper and  spinach mousse (fillet of pike perch, spinach mousse , sweet pepper cooked on charcoal, balsamic caviar) 220g 156-.00
  Grilled  pork ribs (pork ribs, roasted on charcoal, dressed with honey-tomato sauce) 350g 138-00
Paste a la Carbonara 250g 75-00
Paste a la Bolognese 300g 87-00

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