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Safari ride on quad bikes – it is group ride on Kawasaki quads over rough terrain in the company of an experienced instructor. Participants of the ride can be both men and women ( aged above 16 ) with experience of riding a quad or without. Children also can be participants of the quad ride, but only accompanied by parents. Each member of your safari ride will take the necessary instructions and riding trainings, and will be given protective equipment. Everybody will get a lot of new impressions when riding a quad bike!

Especially for you we can develop a weekend tour for duration of a few hours with a picnic. Extreme and exiting supplement to the quad ride can be riding over rough terrain in the evening time and at night.

  1. Quad ride (one person on a quad) - 450.00 UAH, 1 hour
  2. Quad ride (riding with a passenger) - 550.00 UAH, 1 hour
  3. Night Quad ride (one person on a quad) 500.00 UAH, 1 hour
  4. Night Quad ride (riding with a passenger) - 600.00 UAH, 1 hour

For quad riding it is recommended to wear closed clothes with long sleeves, long pants made ​​of thick fabric, sealed comfortable shoes.

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