Conferences and seminars

A Conference or seminar is hard work for participants and organizers. We are ready to do all necessary work for the organization of conferences and seminars.

One of the main tasks in organizing a conference is to select an appropriate conference hall, to create a comfortable atmosphere, reflecting the goals and format of the business activity and also to think out all details and nuances. This process will take a huge amount of effort and time.

Advantages of our conference service:

  • Many years of experience in organizing and servicing conferences, trainings, seminars, shareholders meetings, etc. We organized international meetings for the OSCE Prevention, Preparedness and Response to natural and man made disasters in the ENPI East Region (PPRD East), Deutsche Welle DW Akademie Summer Media Camp journalists and the US Embassy in Ukraine.
  • Convenient location in a unique location (pine forest, forest-park area) 10 minutes from the center of Cherkasy. Free parking.
  • Four conference rooms of various capacities with the possibility of comfortable seating for guests.
  • Air conditioning and equipment (projectors, screens, flip charts) are included in the rental price.
  • Possibility to order a buffet or banquet in a restaurant. There is a loyalty system (more details at our managers). 



Floor Type of seating

Price, UAH

per hour

1 Underground
  • "Тhеаter" (shairs are displayed in rows)  120 people;
  • "Class Room" (tables in the hall are set in 2-3 rows, behind them can sit 2-3 people)  50 people;
  • "Round table" – 55 people.

314 UAH

2 Second
  • "Тhеаter"  40 people;
  • "Class Room"   18 people;
  • "Round table" – 25 people.

178 UAH

3 Third
  • "Тhеаter"  40 people;
  • "Class Room"   18 people;
  • "Round table" – 25 people.

178 UAH

4 Ground
  • "Тhеаter"  20 people;
  • "Class Room"   8 people;
  • "Round table" – 15 people.

178 UAH


We have modern equipment and experience to organize and serve conference, training, seminar, and meeting of shareholders.

We can offer to you various ways of holding conferences, seminars or any other events on the property of our "Ukraina" restaurant and hotel complex, in accordance with your budget and preferences.


Conference room equipment:

  • multimedia projector;
  • mechanized screen;
  • amplifier;
  • acoustic system;
  • cord microphone;
  • mixer;
  • flip chart;
  • modern air conditioning system.

If necessary, you can use your optional equipment.

Advantages of  "Ukraina" hotel in holding conferences:

  • we are situated in the center of Ukraine;
  • not far from Kiev;
  • perfect service;
  • low prices;
  • wide possibilities to organize entertainments.

We will provide conference halls and all necessary equipment. We will organize coffee breaks and business lunches; provide accommodation and entertainments for participants of the event.

Also if you wish we could coordinate the event in general so you won't have to worry about the details!

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