Hot and cold snacks



Cold snacks Serving Price, UAH
Cheese Plate 
(cheese - "Mozzarella baby", "Parmesan", "Brie", Dutch craft cheese, Russo craft cheese, Skamortsa (smoked cheese) served with walnut, honey, pear)
300/100/50/50 282,00
Variety of vegetables
(cucumbers, tomatoes, green pepper, green onion, lettuce, carrot)
310 g 75,00
A selection of homemade meat
(baked pork, cold baked lard, chicken sausage with liver, homemade pork sausage, beef tongue, chiken liver pate, horse-radish, lettuce )
420/30 g 213,00
Selection of lard
(lard, homestyle lard, Hungarian lard)
150 g 60,00

Chicken liver pate (Chicken liver pate, baguette, onion confiture)

280 g 60,00
Salmon carpaccio (salmon, lemon, parmesan, rocket, olive oil) 135 g 138,00


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