Hot and cold snacks



Cold snacks Serving Price, UAH
Cheese Plate 
("Mozzarella baby" cheese,"Parmesan" cheese,"Brie" cheese, Dutch craft cheese, Russo craft cheese, Skamortsa (smoked cheese) served with walnut, honey, pear)
300/100/50/50 282-00
Variety of vegetables
(cucumbers, tomatoes, green pepper, green onion, lettuce, carrot)
310 g 75-00
A selection of homemade meat
(baked pork, cold baked lard, chicken sausage with liver, homemade pork sausage, beef tongue, chiken liver pate, horse-radish, lettuce )
420/30g 213-00
Selection of lard
(lard, homestyle lard, Hungarian lard)
150g 60-00
Pickled vegetables
(pickled cucumbers, preserved tomatoes, garlic, pickled eggplant, sauerkraut)
400g 53-00

Beer snacks (peanuts, pigtail cheese, crackers with parmesan, basturma, sausages, potato chips)

350g 138-00

Chicken liver pate (Chicken liver pate, baguette, onion confiture)

280g 57-00
A selection of smoked  fish
(smoked salmon, smoked carp, smoked escolar, boiled egg)
300/60 g 363-00
Salmon carpaccio (salmon, lemon, parmesan, rocket, olive oil) 135g 138-00


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